Sprinkler Services in Salado, Temple TX and the surrounding area

If conserving water isn’t reason enough for you to install and maintain a properly working lawn sprinkler system, think of the simplicity it adds to your life and the value it adds to your lawn or property.

At Freytag Irrigation & Pool Service, we understand that not all lawn sprinklers are created equally. In fact, a poorly designed system is worse than no system at all. Sprinkler systems are designed to efficiently put water on your lawn. Our goal is to give you the proper application of water per water cycle.

Sprinkler Installations

Freytag Irrigation & Pool Service has been installing drip irrigation in shrub beds for years. Drip irrigation is water efficient and low maintenance. With drip irrigation around the house, you eliminate water on windows and destroying wood on exterior of the house. We use top-of-the-line equipment including Hunter and Rain Bird.

Great company. I have had my sprinkler system almost 3 years, and it still works great.
— C.B., Salado TX

Sprinkler Repairs

With Freytag Irrigation & Pool Service, you get over forty years of experience. Our repair technicians strive to do the best work possible. We offer quality service on your lawn sprinkler systems and repairs in Belton, TX and surrounding areas. Our trucks are equipped with the latest equipment for valve location. We stock most parts for Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter systems on our trucks. Since our service technicians are unable to see what’s already underground, we do not give estimates on repairs.

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